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Tyler West Brother Lewis West, His Mother Debbie Raised Him As A Single Parent

Lewis West is Taylor West’s older brother. Lewis West can be Western. A single mom introduced each boy individually.

This season of “It’s Time to Dance” chose Taylor as a contestant. Of all the contestants, he will be alongside Diane Buswell.

He’s been fairly common on the web lately since he’s paid tribute to his mom throughout his efficiency. The radio and TV host is eager to interrupt his routine and see a new thing by dancing in the festivities.

Taylor West

Taylor West

Quick Details About Taylor West

title Taylor West
date of birth April 1, 1996 (26 years old)
Mother Debbie Mitchell
Father Mike West
brother Lewis West
Zodiac Signs Aries
Profession TV and radio host, DJ

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Taylor West is younger than his brother Lewis West

Debbie Mitchell has two children, an eldest son named Lewis and a daughter named Taylor. Daughter is 2 years old. Taylor is a bunch on every radio and TV. In 2020, he provided Celeb Ex for MTV’s Seaside Podcast and co-hosted a live broadcast of the pink carpet at the EE BAFTA Awards in partnership with Fb.

Flat Out Fabulous is an in-house design show that debuts on BBC Three in 2021, co-hosted by singer and in-house designer Whinnie Williams. Similarly, he is currently competing in the BBC’s 21st group of contestants called Strictly Come Dancing.

Lewis owns a business

In Epsom, Surrey, where he mainly lives, Lewis manages an online bakery called West Bakes. He runs the business with his fiancée, Yasmin.

Their shop makes cookies from scratch the New York way and sells and ships all cookies throughout the UK. They have suppliers for a variety of parties and occasions, similar to one-off items, birthdays, weddings, and corporate packages.

They claim to have partnered with the UK’s foremost sugar producer to supply them with 8,000 biscuits, so they tout their ability to customise selections for large occasions.

The West family treats him as Taylor’s older brother. In addition to his career as a baker, he is also a singer and songwriter. His Instagram page shows videos of him performing ballads, and he’s been outdated for 31 years. He uploads movies of himself singing to a unique Instagram profile for him to use.

Lewis owns a business

Lewis and his longtime girlfriend Yasmin have been engaged on this level for years. They have been highlighted on each other’s social media sites, but no details have been made public about their romantic lives.

They are partners in every life and business, but it is unknown when they started planning their marriage. Still, they’ve been spending a lot of time collectively. In their three-way partnership, Lewis and Yasmin, an internet bakery business, are working together.

Taylor, on the other hand, was not dedicated to his companions. Once again, he shared that while he was working on improving his dancing skills, he also wanted to find a companion with whom he could share his life. Additionally, he talks about the limited number of individuals entering his DMS.

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Taylor West’s mom Debbie raised him as a single mom or dad

The love of Taylor West’s life was his mom. Even when he watched “Dancing Lightly”, he must have indirectly paid tribute to her. She is reported to be a nurse working in the NHS.

Debbie is an NHS employee

Debbie has 21 years of expertise in nursing. She is a single father or mother who is responsible for her two children. She’s been struggling with making ends meet, but she doesn’t mention her plight with her two sons.

Rising in Croydon, in south London, Taylor was found to be prejudiced as a child. While legal activities are expensive where they live, his mum has guided him and his brother on the right path.

He dedicated his efficiency to his mother

Taylor claimed he was performing a dance for the very powerful girl in his life – his mom. At a young age, after her father ran away from home, it was her own business to raise her up by herself.

She’s a terrific supporter of the challenge, and even Taylor relocated with his mom so he can now stay engaged. Additionally, he uses social media at many events to express his affection for his mom.

On top of that, he talked about being in a live show might be a step outside of his comfort zone, but he’s equally passionate about it, and it’s something that means a lot to him and his family.

She was rushed to hospital last month

He had to name an ambulance for Taylor’s mum a month ago when she was unwell. At first, he prepared for the worst and was afraid of being separated from her. He admitted he was involved and continued: “If you’re racing at a million miles per hour, it’s a reminder to take your time and give that beloved a phone name.”

He conveys his sense of helplessness at that particular moment in time. It turned out to be an infection, but thankfully her health is now back to normal, for which he is grateful. At the moment, he uploads his narrated images from ready-made spaces in emergency medical facilities.

He hasn’t revealed anything at the moment, but he has eased his followers’ problems by reassuring them that he is in good health and is in hospital due to a family situation. Still, the Mirror only recently revealed the truth that his mother is currently being treated in a medical facility.

taylor west family

Tyler West spent his childhood in south London, where he also frolicked with his mum and brother. His older brother Lewis is very happy for his younger siblings and he has completed a terrific deal for his age.

In addition to DJing, Tyler is the host of every radio and TV show. For a week, he can be heard on the Internet on Kiss FM, which hosts the afternoon show.

His father is of Jamaican heritage

The children’s father, Mark, moved away when they were children, leaving Lewis and Taylor. Their mom introduced them herself. Still, the young men continued to talk to their fathers. Based on photos that may have been uploaded to their respective social media accounts, each son spends a lot of time hanging out with his father.

Their father was also of British nationality, but his family was originally from Jamaica in the West Indies. He was born in England. Taylor admits he has been the target of racist feedback and behavior since he was a toddler, but insists that his upbringing was only meant to strengthen his character.

The fact that Taylor has a senior family history prompted him to fight with his identity from an early age. When his children used to tell her about the problems they were having, his mum, originally from the UK, was confused and didn’t know what to say to them.

Lewis West and his fiancé Yasmin on vacation

Lewis West travels with his fiancé Yasmin

Some FAQs

Who is Taylor West?

The TV and radio host for Atlantic English is Taylor West.

How outdated is Taylor West?

Taylor West was born on April 1, 1996, making him 26 years out of date now.

Does Taylor West have a girlfriend?

The man known as Taylor West does not currently have a girlfriend.

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