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Ukraine thwarts Russian bridge attempt, attacks enemy ship: military

According to the Ukrainian navy, a Russian naval vessel was destroyed, while an attempt to restore the Dnieper ferry was thwarted.

Ukraine’s Southern Operations Command (OCS) said in a Facebook filing on Monday that the navy smashed Russia’s “hyperlink between the two banks of the Dnieper” by attacking the barges and “having the occupiers try to restore the river’s carriage” “hope. Capacity has stopped at the new Kakhovka Bridge in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine. Ukraine has repeatedly attacked and destroyed bridges across the river in recent months, a key supply route for the Russian Navy to minimize evacuations.

Of the 250 missile and artillery strikes in Ukraine, the OCS mentioned that 4 ammunition depots and 4 Russian weapons and naval tool depots were hit. In addition to killing 77 Russian soldiers, Monday’s attack reportedly destroyed six Russian tanks, five howitzers, 14 armored vehicles and three Pantsir missile programs.

A Russian Orlan-10 drone was destroyed in a Ukrainian airstrike in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine, while three Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones were involved in a Russian attack on the southwestern port city of Odessa, according to the OCS. Shot down. Ukraine reported last week the destruction of a number of Shahed-136 drones.

Russian warships in Ukraine destroy Dnieper
A destroyed bridge is photographed in Ukraine, Japan, on April 29, 2022, during the fight against Russia. The Ukrainian navy said on Monday that it blocked a Russian attempt to restore another bridge in the Kherson region while destroying a Russian barge trying to cross the Dnieper River.

Ukraine also reported last week that another Russian barge trying to transport weapons, naval tools and troops on the Dnieper River near Nova Kakhovka was destroyed. “The barge, laden with weapons, tools and personnel, complemented the occupier’s underwater fleet after being hit by the fireplace,” OCS noted.

Last week, Natalia Khumenyuk, head of the Joint Press Center of Ukraine’s Southern Protection Forces, said on Ukrainian parliament television channels that the massive counteroffensive had resulted in Russian troops being “sandwiched” between the Ukrainian navy and the Dnieper.

“The management of the fireplaces that we keep at the crossings and transport arteries throughout the Dnieper makes them think they are sandwiched between the protection forces and the precise financial institutions — those models are located in that part of the Kherson region,” she said. According to New Voices of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s continued efforts to build dams, try to repair broken bridges across the Dnieper or create new river crossings have dealt a major blow to Russia’s struggle efforts in southern Ukraine.

Russian troops trapped on the incorrect side of the river reportedly took extraordinary measures to retreat ahead of an imminent Ukrainian offensive.

Ukrainian naval intelligence mentioned earlier this month that the Russians had been desperately trying to cross the river using civilian motorboats “stolen from nearby settlements,” according to the New Voice of Ukraine.

Information week Russian authorities have been asked to issue a press release.

Ukraine thwarts Russian bridge attempt, attacks enemy ship: Navy

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