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Uvalde families share their pain directly with Texas leaders

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was joined by Congressman Joaquin Castro, Senator Roland Gutierrez, parents, academics and other officials.

SAN ANTONIO — In Uwald Monday afternoon, parents and academics made painful pleas for change and accountability to congressional leaders.

The Congressional Teen Caucus, chaired by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and accompanied by Rep. Joaquin Castro, offers communities the possibility to address their representatives immediately , to address the tragedy that occurred at Rob Elementary School where 19 children and the family of two academics were killed, painted.

Kimberly Rubio is still haunted by nightmares on May 24 after leaving her 10-year-old daughter Lexi in the crowd for a photo. At the same time, they continue to speak out and call for transparency in taking pictures of Texas’ deadliest mass teacher.

“In fact, I have to take my seat here and inform all of you, the state and our federal authorities, that the best way to do your job is to justify the massive failure we’re seeing right now,” Rubio said. My 10 year old daughter was murdered in a classroom and I don’t have the best way to stay, but I believe the state and our country should have a roadmap by now. This is not a major mass photo shoot. Until we ban these weapons nationwide , this is the final result.”

Arnulfo Reyes, a teacher at Robb Elementary School, survived. However, psychological and physical scars remain when he shows the moment that led to the 18-year-old gunman entering the classroom and killing 11 fourth-graders.

“When it got to me, I thought about it and noticed the bullet knocking the drywall off the wall and I noticed it was a shooter. All the academics who have been there have asked me what happened and I mentioned , ‘I don’t know what’s going on, but get under the table like we practiced earlier and close your eyes,'” Reyes said. I noticed sparks coming out of the gun; (they) hit me and I fell to the ground. He came here and shot my college student. ”

Uziyah Garcia’s father, Brett Cross, was one of many parents who spoke openly about the trauma they suffered every day. Additionally, they mentioned the need for additional resources to help those immediately affected by the photo shoot.

“A lot of people lack jobs, referrals and remedies. I mean, sometimes a book falls on the floor and my home gets shut down,” Cross said. “I’ve never really been a believer in PTSD or anything like that, but it’s definitely real. My kids are so sick from the stress that they’re afraid to go to high school because teachers are now associated with death.”

The mum and dad have collectively criticized the National Compassion Fund (NCF), saying the process of using the device was long and complicated. Earlier this month, the NCF began accepting financial assistance from eligible individuals. At least $16 million is available for distribution.

According to the news release, Monday’s hearing “has the potential to immediately focus on seniors and officials to advance a coordinated federal response to assist communities in the wake of tragedies that could leave children and their families and communities permanently impression.”

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Uvalde family immediately shares their pain with Texas leaders

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