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Valentina Zenere’s Boyfriend – Jordi Lladó Wiki And Age; Who Is He?

Valentina Zenere has a deep bond with her boyfriend Jordi Llado. Two or three people have met someone in 2020.

Zenere is an Argentine entertainer who played Ambat Smith in the Disney Station feature sequence Soy Luna. Netizens were hypnotized by her excellence and played Alai Inshausti in the Argentine TV series Cassian Gillis.


The 25-year-old entertainer has been working at the media store since around 2010. She’s perfect for a melodic career in pop and Latin variants. Currently, she is in the title of an informative story in Tip prime season 6.

confirm Valentina Zenel
start date January 15, 1997
age 25
Country of Citizenship Argentina
Profession actress, model and singer
school popular, latin
Boy friend Jody Lado
language Spanish, English

According to tv Insider, Valentina will appear in World Class Season 6 as Isadora. Next to her, Cala Diaz (Ali), Martina Caridi (Mencia), Manu Rios (Patrick), Andrea Ramoria (Ivan) and Nuru (Bilal) ) will return as people in the sequence.

Audiences are eagerly awaiting a brand new moment in the sequence. A very attentive follower separates every specific piece of information about her personal and skilled life through her Instagram account.

Valentina Zenere’s Boyfriend – Jordi Lladó Valentina Zenere is currently her sweetheart, Jordi Llado. Two or three collectives have already started 2020.

The couple posted their stunning photos on their Instagram account. Recently, the entertainer posted a photo of the couple meeting at the beach.

They sunbathe collectively and share their affection by kissing. Many people move forward with their social data and their relationships.

As revealed in Tattle Close by, Valentina dated Marco De Pietri in 2012. Marco is an Argentinian Instagram mogul known for the striking photos he browses and designs. He is also a benefactor of boys clothing and swimwear model Clifftone. In the same way, she allegedly dated entertainer Michael Ronda. He portrayed Simon Alvarez in Soy Luna.

As for, the 24-year-old chief was born on November 24. The Chief can be found on Instagram @jpllado. Jordi comes from a political family. He is known as the grandson of an early Spanish priest.

Jose Ladado. As detailed by Forbes, Llado is a Ph.D. Holder of the Complutense Academy of Madrid and the Academy of Madras.

The young and talented chief is keen to explore new issues. Jordi has been involved in many countries, including Greece, Croatia, Nepal, Hungary, etc. The 6-toed Jordi has only a few outstanding works, such as Seguint les pass d’Arlequi (1992), Specific Nadalenc (1980) and Galeria de Persontges (1991).

Valentina Zenere’s Wiki Bio and Age Valentina Zenere, 25, has a long history on Wikipedia. This delightful entertainer is known for his flamboyance and talent.

Born on January 15, 1997, the Argentine entertainer has been working in media stores since adolescence. At the age of six, Valentina started working in Melody Theatre, which was confirmed on Barbie’s corporate TV show. At the level where she started her career, the entertainer is at a secondary academy.

Zenere is 5ft 5in and is expected to take on the main role of Alai Inchausti in 2010 on the famous TV show Casino ngeles. Since then, she has only held a few theatre and television jobs. Her extraordinary melodic exhibition is in Les Misérables.

According to IMDb, the entertainer has captured all kinds of hearts with her roles as Ambar Smith in Soy Luna and Disney Station Juacas. Previously, she played Mara Ulloa in the 2013-2014 Telefe sequence Aliados. Likewise, she is a model for Candy Victorian and Tutta La Frutta promotions.

Valentina has confirmed her fourth appearance in the acclaimed parody drama “Casey Angelis” (2010). Additionally, she was confirmed as the main antagonist in the Disney station sequence Soy Luna.

People of Valentina Zenere Valentina Zenere was born to her compatriots Sergio and Nadia Zenere. Her people are educated and have acquired a level from the tall academies.

Her father, Sergio, was an alumni bench student at the University of Buenos Aires, according to an online leisure survey. Although she only shared a few photos on her IG account, the entertainer didn’t discover her mom or dad’s character.

Zenere appears to be a personal individual to her family and guardian. She was born in Argentina. In addition to these traces, her people proved to be Argentine by identity. The entertainer’s people are strong and happy, along with her prosperity.

Additional information about his people is yet to be discovered. The media tried to separate the information from several sessions. Sadly, they can’t buy specific personal information. The entertainer discovers simple constrained reality.

Valentina Zenere’s relatives on Instagram Valentina Zenere posted pictures of her relatives on her Instagram account.

Zenere has a younger sister, Luciana. The Christian entertainer passed on her young life to her relatives. She only posted a few pictures with her sister on her Instagram account. She has an Instagram account under the username @valentinazenere, which is a confirmed document.

A large number of followers have adopted her on IG and bought information about her personal and skilled life. Like another entertainer, she sometimes posts sturdy photos. She surveyed her physique with just a few makers and clothes. Most of her photos are intense and difficult to process.

On January 15, Valentina’s tour was closed by her boyfriend and relatives. The Argentine entertainer base along with her relationship will gain further power at any level. On April 29, 2021, Zenere transferred {photo} of her young girl group.

She didn’t miss every second of being with her companions and relatives early in her life. No matter how busy her life is, she has come up with some simple ways to spend time with her sister and colleagues.

Valentina Zenere’s Complete Property Valentina Zenere appraised the entire property for approximately $5 million. The entertainer likely got good luck from her career.

The Argentine entertainer has made a lot of money from her appearance and show career. According to a survey of online leisure, she is only important to a few specific businesses.

Over the next few days, the entertainer worked on just a few TV commercials and dealt with each of the many display-related issues without the assistance of anyone else. Due to her youth and greatness, she has only been shown for a few manufacturers. Besides, this lady is an internet leisure stressor that cannot be ignored. She is now appearing in the sixth season of Tip prime in 2022 as Isadora Artinan (Main Forge).

The fifth installment of the most popular Netflix series “World Class” (2018-) has begun, which is heartening information for followers. Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia, the series’ main confirmed signings, will appear in the new episode.

Ambar in the Argentine Disney station sequence is her most devoted work. Additionally, she was confirmed as Camila Salvador in season 5 of Netflix’s Hyperlink Younger Girls. The artist was confirmed in Michael Ronda’s music video La Diva de la Escuela in 2019.

Additionally, the artist has only performed elements in 2010’s Cassian Gillis (Alai Spirits Romero), 2011’s Los unicos (Jessica Cervantes) and 2014’s Aliados (Mara Ulloa). In addition to appearing, she is also a singer.

Some FAQs Who is Valentina Zenere’s boyfriend? Valentina Zenere’s sweetheart is Jordi Llado. He is a famous chief. The chiefs are understood to be Galeria de personatges (1991), Seguint les pass d’Arlequi (1992) and Specific Nadalenc (1980). Also, if Salcadoe Dali: Stay to Not Die, he’s a maker. How early is Valentina Zenere?

Valentina Zenere is 25 years old, born on January 15, 1997. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While she was a middle school teacher, she started working in film. How much is Valentina Zenere’s entire property?
Valentina Zenere may have an expected overall property of $5 million. Still, she has yet to discover the actual purchase and the entire property.

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