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Viral video of Wawa store in Philadelphia looted by flash mob

A viral video shows a Wawa grocery store in Philadelphia being ransacked by rebel thugs. After looting the Wawa retailer, thugs walked into the parking lot, where some got into a fight.

A group of out-of-control young men suddenly poured into the Wawa shop on Roosevelt Avenue on Tyson Avenue in the Mayfair district of northeast Philadelphia. The video shows a group of outlaws stealing gadgets and smashing the retailer’s cabinets on Saturday night.

Amid the chaos, one buyer asked a Wawa employee, “Are you making sandwiches or keep recording?”

The Wawa worker mentioned that he “stopped” his work due to the chaos caused by the flash mob. A Wawa replied to the client: “It will take some time.”

The unique video was reportedly posted on Facebook by an alleged Wawa worker who documented the chaos while working at the nearest meal counter.

The unique video was posted on Twitter by TikTok’s Libs account, with footage of preventive and damaging consequences. In less than 12 hours, the viral video is believed to have almost 800,000 instances.

The Philadelphia Police Department has not spoken about Wawa, who was robbed.

Earlier this month, the entire Wawa area of ​​Philadelphia was forced to close early after youths ransacked comfort stores.

KYW TV reporter Joe Holden tweeted: “They hit multiple Wawa areas – police told me most of their heart metro area is now closed. I checked two stores – They are closed. Police say unknown young people have been kidnapped and taken into custody.”

Last month, a “road takeover” occurred at 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, causing chaos at the grocery store.

A video released in August showed a thief openly stealing merchandise from a Walgreens retailer in San Francisco.

Walgreens closed 11 areas in San Francisco starting in February. The national pharmacy and retail chain cited crime and theft as the main motivations for closing retailers.

Viral video of Philadelphia retailer robbed by flash mob

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