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Watch Leaked Video Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral on Social Networks, Full Videos –

Supply: My.yabram.com Watch Leaked Video Russian University in Izhevsk Captures Video Goes Viral on Social Networks, Full Movie –

Watch Leaked Video Russian School Shooting Izhevsk Video Goes Viral on Social Networks, Full Video

infofamilysehat.com – Watch leaked video Russian university caught in Izhevsk video virus on social networks, full movie. Hello friends, we meet again the admin who provides the latest data, and a hyperlink to a viral video of a Russian teacher captured in Izhevsk, which is now on various social media, if you are curious, watch it all the way to the top.

Since here, the admin will try to share the video clips you are searching for, if you are searching for data or viral videos that capture Russian teachers in Izhevsk, or videos that are currently needed by many people you have come to the best place.

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Russian teacher caught in viral video in Izhevsk

Watch Leaked Video Russian School Shooting Izhevsk Video Goes Viral on Social Networks, Full Video

The attacker – whose name was Artem Kazantsev and was born in 1988 – apparently used two weapons.

A video uploaded by state investigators shows the physique of the deceased at the bottom, wearing a shirt with swastikas and a balaclava. Researchers are looking for her house.

The time of grief continues until September 29, when the field was introduced. In line with his spokesman, Russian President Vladimir Putin “mourned” the loss of life and condemned the arrest as an “unprovoked terrorist attack”.

A gunman opened fire at an academy in central Russia, killing at least 17 people and wounding 24 others, Russian officials said. Among the many victims were 11 young people from some 1,000 university students in the city of Izhevsk.

The gunman committed suicide on the spot and was a student of the college. The film, posted online, showed panic in rooms at the filming location, with young people and adults working in hallways.

Different footage showed blood on the classroom floor and bullet holes in windows, while young people huddled under desks.

Eleven young people and four adults, as well as two security guards and two lecturers, were killed, according to the Russian investigative company. Only two of the 24 injured were young men.

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Russian teacher captured in viral video in Izhevsk. Some questions may make your pills public.

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Capture video of Russian teachers in Izhevsk on social networks

Watch Leaked Video Russian School Shooting Izhevsk Video Goes Viral on Social Networks, Full Video

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So if you can’t see this stream now, it means the platform or the developer has removed it

The last sentence

Maybe that’s all we can say about the various viral videos of Russian teachers in Izhevsk. For those who don’t know video, you will be able to understand what the coach has to offer.

Maybe the knowledge we provide here can reduce your curiosity about viral movies and get what you are searching for, don’t forget to come back to our web page again as we will be presenting the latest viral data here. thank you very much.

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