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What could they have been?

However Gilmore Ladies In seven seasons, Rory Gilmore has had three important relationships. She dated Dean Forrester in seasons 1 and 3. In season 3, she started courting Luke Dennis’ nephew, Jess Mariano, and in season 5, she started courting Logan Huntzberger. Rory also frequently flirted with her fellow Chilton classmate Tristan Dougray in previous seasons. Tristan was sent to a boarding school and never heard from again, to make sure the romance didn’t really blossom. However, is this a unique plan? That’s not the case, according to actor Chad Michael Murray, who plays Tristan.

Chad Michael Murray is gone Gilmore Women in Season 2

Tristan Dougre first appeared in episode 2 Gilmore Women. Initially, he was one of all Rory’s rivals, ruthlessly choosing her. Although Rory was by no means a huge fan of Tristan, it soon became apparent that Tristan was focused on Rory. He continues to choose her, but sometimes he confirms his softer side. Amy Sherman-Palladino had just started working on the character, and after yet another questionable shenanigans, Tristan was suddenly sent to a boarding school. In his final look, it’s clear that Rory is passionate about him, too.

what could they be?

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