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What Is “Run Boy Run” Trend On TikTok? Origin Video Explored

The TikTok trend has always amazed everyone as it recently found a new obsession in the app’s Run Boy Run trend. Well, just like any other viral trend, this one is also trending among everyone, especially couples. But if you haven’t run into this trend yet. Well here’s all the info on viral trends.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s viral Run Boy Run trend.

TikTok’s Run Boy Run trend goes viral

A viral trend that TikTok is gaining in popularity among users is the Run Boy Run trend. Although we have several popular trends in the app. We had this and especially found it popular with couples.

So far, many couples have tried this trend. The Run Boy Run trend actually uses singer Woodkid’s song of the same name. The song returned in 2012. A lot of people are trying this trend, some of them are not aware of this popular trend. In case you don’t understand this trend either, here’s everything you need to know.

@ling.kt This took 2 days to edit.please blow this up #If I am #runboyrun #runboyrunedit ♬ Run Boy Run – Woodkid

What’s trending in Run Boy Run?

Since this trend is named after Woodkid’s song, we found one partner showing something from another partner’s point of view. Well, basically in this trend, people have to show images of something related to them from their partner’s point of view.

If you still don’t get it, this trend actually uses some questions from one of the partners. In response to this, they must display the image in response, that is, their partner’s response. Hypothetically, a partner can ask me what type of season it is. In response, they’ll have to show their partner’s image of the season they’re relevant to.

User reactions to the Run Boy Run trend

There is no doubt that this trend is popular among couples. So, so far, many couples have tried this trend. Well, if you want to try this too. Then we have some tips for questions to help you try this trend. Because you can ask your partners these questions and get their responses to trends.

@whateveriwants #runboyrun ♬ Run Boy Run – Woodkid

Some questions may be what color am I? , which planet am I? , what Disney character am I? , what flower am I? and many more. Don’t miss out, you don’t have to use the whole question in a trend. Because you can describe it in one word like season, color, flower etc.

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