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What’s next for former KTLA anchors Mark Mester and Lynette Romero

What’s next for former KTLA anchors Mark Mester and Lynette Romero

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What led to the firing of Mark Meester?

KTLA ended by playing a pre-recorded tribute to Romero. Meester showed the clip on the KTLA Morning Show on September 17. After all, this will be his last. Before the footage, he recounted how viewers learned of his ex-partner’s departure during the live broadcast. The entertainment reporter of the station, Sam RubinHer departure was announced on the air three days ago.

For the statement, Meester said, “The viewer’s feelings were gross, violent and inappropriate.” During his period monologueHe has a picture of him and Romero standing with KTLA VP and GM Jane DravesHe described her as an “amazing woman” flashed on screen.

He apologized to the audience and Romero, saying she “should say goodbye” and became emotional before posting an edited tribute to his “best friend.” He also said they arranged for a plane to fly over the station with a banner that read “We Love You Lynette.”

After his comments, a scandal erupted in the air. KTLA management came to the station to talk to Mester, who “began to take oath publicly in front of other employees,” the source said, adding that “Mark was asked to leave the newsroom, but he refused.” A second The source confirmed the report to E!current news los angeles times Clashes between Meester and management were also reported.

A few days later, KTLA fired Mester, E! The news was confirmed. The station did not comment on the reasons for his dismissal.

How does Lynette Romero feel about commemorating Mark Mester?

“She hangs out with Mark all the time and they’re still close friends,” a top source told E! information. “She was really touched by his support during the live broadcast.”

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