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Who Is Aderrien Murry? Mississippi Boy, 11, Shot By Police After Dialing 911

Aderrien Murry was born in 2012
Murray was shot in the chest by a police officer after calling 911
His family needs an official termination and charges for the incident

Aderrien Murry, an 11-year-old Mississippi child who was shot and killed by a police officer after calling 911, is recovering after being released from a clinic, according to his family.


Who is Adrian Murray? On May 20, 2023, an officer with the Indianola Police Department shot Aderrien Murry in the chest at his home while the officer was responding to an irritating call from a native of the child’s home.

Adrian was born in 2012. He is 11 years old.

According to his mother, Nakala Murry, and the Mississippi Board of Examinations, the family needs to be fired and charged with the incident.

Murry assured that the father of another child showed up at her home around 4am “distraught”.

Murry said Aderrien contacted police because he was stressed about her safety. According to Murray, the officer who answered the call “drawn a gun at the front entrance and asked the people inside the house to come outside.” Murray assured that her child was shot when he turned the turn into a hallway.

According to Murray, the shooting happened “a minute or two” after the incident, after officers asked those inside the house to go outside.

After suffering injuries in the shooting, including a sagging lung, broken ribs and a cut liver, the child received a chest cavity and a ventilator at the University of Mississippi Clinical Center in Jackson, according to his mother. He was released from the emergency room on Wednesday. CNN has reached out to the emergency room.

Murray’s daughter and Murray’s 2-year-old nephew were the other two children there at the time of the shooting, according to her statement.

Murray’s family attorney, Carlos Moore, assured that police body cameras captured the incident, according to CNN.

It’s what the lawyer called “continuous checks” that kept him from getting film from his body camera.

Body camera footage of the episode is not yet available to the general public.
Moore added that he knew the incident was filmed at a nearby gas station.

The Indianola Police Department let CNN know the police chief could not be reached, but identified the officer who was shot as Greg Tricks. Still, they provided no other data on the shootings.

After her child was shot, Murray found her putting her hand over the wound to keep tension while he “sang gospel tunes and pleaded as he blew out”. She asserted that police officers worked hard to help with emergency treatment and put his hand on hers with the ultimate goal of ending Adelin’s death.

She asserted that clinical faculty were “extremely careful” until an ambulance showed up.

Moore commented that Adelin was “inches away from losing his life”. “It’s not right for a police officer to follow those lines and succeed. The mother mentioned that Adrian reported her daughter’s father to the specialists. He left his room, as the police were taught, and was shot dead .

Murray said police told her that her little girl’s father was captured shortly thereafter but released because she did not report the incident to police.

“When am I going to pass up this opportunity?” “I’m in the clinic with my baby,” she said, based on new insights into the man’s delivery.

Murray said four days after the killing that “nobody came to the clinic from police headquarters,” and she did not speak to any police criminal investigators about the incident, according to CNN.

“I’m glad my baby is alive,” she said, crying.

According to CNN, Moore is angry that the Indianola Police Department has not yet used Tricks.

“We acknowledge that the city and this officer are responsible for the harm they inflicted on Adrin Murray,” the attorney added.

Moore said they will organize a demonstration in the Indianola City Hall on Thursday morning.

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