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Who is Akbar V and how was the Cardi B and Akbar V Twitter controversy resolved? Social Media Video Trends

Cardi B made headlines not long ago, but not because of her new album, but relative to the Twitter controversy. Of course, the rapper spoke about another rapper named Akbar V in a series of tweets she posted on her Twitter account and mocked online. Followers have been praising Cardi’s album, but become confused when they realize the existence of another rapper, Akbar. Additional questions about who Akbar is and why Cardi is pleasing her without a trigger, as the controversy erupted as it gained traction. However, it was later revealed that Cardi did this for a reason, posting for Akbar on her Twitter. Tell us about the whole heated, ongoing debate about Cardi and Akbar.

Illustrating the full Twitter debate between Cardi B and Akbar V

Let’s first figure out who is Akbar V or Akbar in order to deflect the previous controversy. Rapper Akbar V is really messed up by Cardi. In addition to being a rapper, Akbar is half of the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The show’s first theme is real life and the inner workings of a rapper’s life. Akbar has also released several well-known albums.

Her records include the albums 3$ NO, Tax, RIP, Mama and Rehab. Akbar was previously part of the YSL group founded by Younger Thug, which supports and sponsors young, active rappers. Valerie Raven from Atlanta is Akbar’s actual title.

Cardi B’s crazy Akbar V video is trending

After seeing the popularity of her film on Twitter, Cardi wrote to Akbar again, saying she wasn’t pleasing her and that she never talked about her. She disliked Cardi’s behavior, including posting her private recordings online and belittling her children, even though she addressed them.

In line with Akbar, Cardi is also a mother who should not have her children involved. And Cardi responded from the opposite angle, saying she was trying to contact Akbar but got no response, and the ensuing commotion was infuriated instead. Cardi later ended the conversation and argument, thanking her followers for their help with her latest album.

Who is Akbar V?

Rapper Akbar has gained a massive following online as she releases her own movies, sells each of her albums and herself.
Akbar’s brand new album just came out, and it’s actually pretty good. For example, she uploaded a video of herself discussing how different rappers only dominate the hit charts or billboard chats and sometimes release albums. Cardi’s followers misunderstood that Cardi was being pleased by Akbar, and took Akbar’s videos seriously. At the time, Cardi entered the scene and started talking about Akbar online. She has also released a few movies that mention her kids and shared a viral video of Akbar.

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