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Who is Sophia Hardison? Kadeem Hardison daughter age and net worth |All Social Updates

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Unlike her famous parents, Chante Moore and Kadeem Hardison, Chante Moore and Kadeem Hardison’s daughter Sophia Hardison is an assistant director.

Sophia is one of the children of famous actress Chant Moore and her second ex-husband Kadim Hardison. Another child was named little Kadim. However, she is Kadim’s only child and has no siblings. Kadim is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors and directors.

Sophia Hardison Quick Facts

full name Sophia Hardison
Profession Gamers and streamers
date of birth September 27, 1996
age 26 years old
gender feminine
constellation scale
Country of Citizenship American
Race African American
Father Kadim Hardison
Mother Chantmore
brothers and sisters Kenny Lattimore Jr.

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Meet Kadeem Hardison’s daughter Sophia Hardison

Kadeem Hardison’s daughter, Sophia Hardison, decided to give up acting and instead found a job in Quality Assurance in Los Angeles.

One might think that children of famous parents would follow in their footsteps and choose similar careers. However, with Sophia Hardison as the subject of the sentence, this is not the case.

Between 2016 and 2018, the rising star worked in quality assurance at 3 “BLACK” DOT in Los Angeles, CA. Later, between 2018 and 2020, Sophia worked as an associate producer at the same company.

The famous kid is also very active on many online gaming platforms. The next day, January 8, 2010, she became a subscriber to the Sophadoll channel on YouTube. While playing various games, she regularly streams and uploads videos to her channel. Twitch is another platform she regularly broadcasts while playing video games.

In addition to working in the gaming industry, she also starred in the 2015 TV documentary Unsung.

She uses social media platforms such as Instagram (@sopha.doll) and Twitter (@sophadoll) to share information about her private life with her family. She has nearly 6,000 followers on Instagram, where most of her activity can be found.

Sophia has her own unique sense of style

In a photo shared on social media, Sophia Hardison showed off her stylish look in a red dreadlocks hairstyle. Proving that she too can be in the spotlight like her famous parents, Sophia took to Twitter to share an adorable photo of herself in trendy red dreadlocks.

The young socialite posted a picture on social media of herself staring casually at the camera with a fine haircut. Her bold decision to dye her hair red will almost certainly get a lot of attention.

A bombshell came in the form of an Instagram post, with Hardison including a somewhat vague comment in the caption. She mentioned that one of her goals is to experience beauty, and another is to be constantly reminded of her attractiveness.

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Sophia Hardison age

Sophia Moore, born September 27, 1996, is the child of Kadeem and Chante Moore. Libra is the zodiac sign she was born in and she is 26 years old.

In addition to being of mixed race, American nationality and African-American ancestry, Hardison is also of mixed race.

Her grandfather’s mother, Bethann Hardison, was an African-American activist and model in the past. She is her grandmother. Sophia’s grandparents and parents are some of her favorite people to spend time with, and she regularly posts pictures of them on Instagram.

In 1973, Bethann participated in the legendary Battle of Versailles fashion show, which pitted the best designers in America against the best in France. Hardison has received numerous awards for his achievements in modeling and activism throughout his career.

In April 1999, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first Vibe Style Awards. Later that year, the Magic Johnson Foundation presented Hardison with the Distinguished Service Award.

Sophia is the epitome of her father Kadim Hardison

People keep commenting on how close Sophia is to her father, Kadeem Hardison, and how similar the two are. On her father’s birthday, Sophia always includes a birthday wish in her Instagram posts.

In an Instagram post celebrating Kadim’s 55th birthday, she posted the following: “Hope you have a great birthday dad, you are the best!”

“It really fits because you are one of the funniest people I know and when we get together there is nothing but laughter. I wish you a great birthday and more in the years to come many.”

Looking at her Instagram posts, it’s clear that she’s very much her father’s youngest daughter.

Her mother is a famous singer-songwriter

Sophia Hardison’s mother, Chante Moore, rose to prominence in the early 1990s and became known as a successful R&B musician. Sophia Hardison is her daughter.

Moore established himself as a TV personality in 2013 after a successful career in the music industry. She starred in the TV One reality series R&B Divas: Los Angeles for three seasons before the show was eventually cancelled.

She is responsible for selling over 5 million albums and singles worldwide. Her 2003 album Things That Lovers Do peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot R&B Albums chart.

Her previous albums include Precious entering the R&B top 20, A Love Supreme entering the R&B top 11, This Moment Is Mine entering Spike and reaching No. 7 on the R&B chart, and Exposed reaching the top 10 R&B chart ( R&B) chart.

Her parents’ marriage lasted only two years

Kadeem and now ex-wife Chanté Moore married on November 17, 1997, after a three-year relationship. Around this time, they started dating.

Although they are no longer together, the former couple continues to maintain a healthy relationship and are worried about their children.

Thankfully, Kadeem’s ex-wife Chanté Moore has no negative comments about their marriage, and in a video posted to YouTube, she explains how the two quickly fell in love when they first met, but have since become friends .

She revealed details of their marriage, including that their daughter, now 26, has seen Kadeem as a friend and father figure throughout her life. Chanté revealed in later comments that although she loves Kadeem, she does not want to marry him and is content with the fact that he is dating someone else.

Sophia has a stepbrother from another marriage of her mother

Moore also married Kenny Latimore when she became pregnant with their son. She married singer Kenny Lattimore on January 1, 2002 in a private ceremony in Jamaica. There is no evidence that Sophie had any relationship with her stepbrother.[Note:[Note:[Notice:[Note:[Note:[Note:[Notiz:[Note:[注:[注:[通知:[注:[Note:[Note:[Notiz:[Note:

In 2003, they welcomed a child, whom they named Kenny Lattimore Jr. Kenny Jr. has grown into a lovely young man. His admirers were struck by his striking resemblance to his parents.

Moore did not marry anyone else after his marriage to Lattimore ended in divorce. Regarding the latter, after a long courtship, he finally tied the knot with TV personality Faith Jenkins. Through his friendship with Moore, he gained valuable insights into the institution of marriage.

Sophia Hardison net worth

It is unclear what Sophia Hardison’s current net worth is. Nonetheless, it is certain that she is able to maintain a comfortable standard of living thanks to her roles as anchor, production assistant and quality assurance.

Likewise, the combined wealth of both her parents is in the millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her mother, Chante Moore, has an estimated total net worth of $1.5 million, while her father, Kadeem Hardison, has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

As the daughter of a superstar, she enjoyed a lavish upbringing that only a few had legal access to. Sophia, on the other hand, does not want to spread her wealth around the world and prefers to keep a low profile.

On his very active Instagram, Kadeem has amassed around 200,000 followers. He touted his extravagant life in a series of posts shared on social media. So did her mother Moore, who has about 363,000 Instagram followers.

Sophia looks a lot like her dad, Kadim Hardison

Sophia looks a lot like her dad, Kadim Hardison

Some FAQs

How old is Sophia Hardison?

At this time, Sophia was 26 years old.

Who is Kadim Haddison’s daughter Sofia Haddison?

Sophia Hardison, daughter of Kadeem Hardiso, is an internet celebrity.

What is Sophia Hardison’s race?

Sophia is an African American citizen of the United States.

What does Sophia Hardison do?

Sophia Hardison will be streaming the gameplay on her Twitch channel.

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