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Who Is Suzanne Hannemann’s Husband? Five Facts About Freddie’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Fred and Susannah Hanneman

Some quick glances:

Name Susannah Hanneman
Birthday November 1974
age 47 years
parents Caroline and John Radcliffe
place of birth United StatesCaliforniaSouth Bay
Country of Citizenship American
wife The Freds (d. 2022)

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Who is Fred Couples’ wife, Suzanne Hannemann?

The lovely Suzanne Hannemann rose to fame when she met and fell in love with pro golfer Fred Couples who is now her husband. Couples is the current husband of Suzanne Hannemann.

Also, the golfer’s wife doesn’t engage in any social media activity because she doesn’t want her Instagram account verified, preferring to live a more ordinary life.

Although her husband is a famous golfer, she successfully protects the public from information about her private life.

While Fred hasn’t shared much about his wife in public, she appears to be happy with him. Susannah has always been very attentive to her partner’s needs and she loves him as much as he loves her.

The age difference between fred and suzanne

Suzanne was born in November 1974 and she was 47 years old, and Fred was born on March 3, 1959 and she was 62 years old.

Despite the couple’s 15-year age gap, their relationship remains deep. The sweet love story of how the couple first met and fell in love has yet to be shared by the couple.

It appears that Susannah’s husband has been interested in golf all his life. After graduating from Audi High School in Seattle in 1977, he received a golf scholarship to the University of Houston. After that, he continued to play professional golf.

In 1978, when Fred was only 19 years old, he beat PGA Tour veteran Don Beess in a playoff to win the Washington Open at Glendale Country Club in Bellevue. The game is held in Washington.

Fred Capps married Suzanne Hanneman in February 2022

Professional golfer Fred Couples announced that he will marry his girlfriend Suzanne Hannemann on Friday, March 4, while competing in the PGA Tour-winning Hogg Classic in Newport Beach, California.

He said the two of them got married on February 22, a day that represented all the number two, or 2/22/2222. The player added that they had a small wedding in a friend’s backyard, and a pastor from Hanneman, Torrance, California, came all the way down to officiate for them.

Fred said his new wife will be in his gallery when he starts his season in Newport Beach. Specifically, he said he would be there on opening day. The official PGA Tour Champions Twitter page then shared a snapshot of the happy couple on their wedding day, showing them embracing in front of the stunning coastal setting.

Golfer Fred spoke to his wife in the interview and said in 2020 that he spent time with Suzanne in Palm Springs during the initial covid-19 shutdown. This information has been disclosed.

They were photographed together at a couple’s reunion in 2015, revealing that they have been in touch for several years.Hannemann

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Fred Couples is currently married to his third wife, Suzanne Hannemann?

Fred Capps was married twice before marrying Suzanne Hanneman.

In 1992, the golfer’s first marriage to Deborah ended. Deborah and Fred first met in 1979, when they were both students at the University of Houston. 1993 was the last year of the divorce and she died in May 2001.

In 1998, Fred married Thailand, who would become his second wife. His second wife was rumored to have been diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks after their relationship began. The Thais had been bickering in their marriage, but in 2009 they gave up.

Fred appears to have reconciled his romantic feelings for Susannah, and they can consider themselves lucky to have done so, since there is no record in the public record of their ever being apart.

Although Suzanne Hannemann doesn’t have children of her own, she loves Fred’s children

Freddie Hannemann and Suzanne Hannemann share no offspring as parents. Freddie, on the other hand, is the father of two children from his second marriage.

Her second husband, Thais Baker, was previously married and has a daughter named Gigi and a son named Oliver from a previous relationship. They are currently 31 and 29, respectively, according to ESPN.

Suzanne Radcliffe’s parents, John and Carolyn Radcliffe, welcomed her into the world in California. His father served in the Navy, and so was he.

John was born in Orange, California on May 28, 1936, but spent his childhood in Los Angeles. His father was a man of high morals, and he was also a source of inspiration and loyalty.

After earning his diploma from Craft High School in 1953, he enlisted in the Army and was later assigned to a base in New Jersey. Later in life, his father attended Pepperdine University on Vermont Avenue.

After graduating with a BA in Coaching from Pepperdine University, John began working at Compton. He was named head coach of the Torrance High School baseball team, now known as “South” Torrance.

The former Navy man has taught and mentored students at Willowbrook Junior High, Compton High School and Dominguez High School for nearly 35 years. On November 22, 2009, Suzanne’s father died at the age of 73.

His mother, Carolyn Radcliffe, has been out of the public eye and there is little information about her on the internet. Likewise, he avoided talking about his mother in interviews.

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