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Who Is TikTok Prankster Mizzy? Arrested Over Video Controversy Explained – pbnewz.com

Police are looking for a TikTok prankster who was caught on camera entering a house without permission. What happened next is so interesting that you should read this article carefully and read on for more details.

Who is Mizzy, the TikTok prankster?
Arrested on video In various other videos, Bacari Ogarro, nicknamed “Mizzy,” appears to get into the car of a man claiming to be “his Uber,” pester people on a train, tear up books at a library, and ride an electric car. Cycling through a Sainsbury’s branch. Police officials are now looking for a TikTok prankster who filmed himself appearing to enter a private home uninvited.
Mizzy, of Hackney Manor Road, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday over the video. He was found guilty of criminal conduct.

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