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Why did Trump bench Chris Kise, his newest legal team? Experts decide

Some licensing experts have weighed potential reasons for the delay after a brand new member of Donald Trump’s licensing staff was allegedly “removed” while investigating fine documents seized from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Authorized Scholars Lawrence Tribe tweet Questioned Tuesday afternoon whether Trump had “delayed” on a $3 million fee he reportedly agreed to pay Chris Keith.

“Or maybe he never paid Kise up front?” Stam added. “In any case, the resignation looks like a sensible move Kise has made since signing with Trump.”

Former federal prosecutor and CNN-authorized analyst Jennifer Rogers ask If Kise’s shift in position means his staff expect Trump could soon be indicted in Georgia for his conduct after the 2020 presidential election.

Rogers quoted another Trump legal professional, James Tosty, as saying: “It may make sense for Kise and his state regulatory expertise to lead the protection of the GA case and have Trusty lead the Fed case.”

Information week Regarding the so-called adjustment of Huang Se, a Trump spokesman was contacted for comment and affirmation.

Kise was reportedly incapacitated during the Mar-a-Lago investigation
Chris Kise, a member of former President Donald Trump’s authorized staff, leaves Paul Rogers after hearing hearings in West Palm Coast, Florida, on September 1, 2022 G. Rogers) Federal buildings and courthouses were seized, some licensing experts weighed potential reasons for the delay.
Marco Bello/AFP via Getty Photos

CNN reported Tuesday, citing two sources familiar with the matter, that Huang Se had been removed from the job of a staffer Trump authorized to investigate the paperwork at Mar-a-Lago. The report added that Kise, who left the regulator to take the job, should remain on authorised staff, although it is unclear why he is not now primarily responsible for document investigation-related work.

Attorney and commentator Tristan Snell offered some possible explanations, as the explanation and departure themselves remain unsubstantiated by Trump.

“Trump spent $3M up front to bring DeSantis legal professional Chris Kise to his licensing team to handle Mar-a-Lago paperwork. Now Kise is not on set. Why?” Snell tweeted. “Because he wouldn’t mislead court records? Because the cash didn’t arrive? Because Trump fired him in anger?”

The CNN report did not point to the tribe’s suggestion that Kise might need to stop.

It’s been less than a month since Kise’s comments surfaced that he was accepting work on Trump’s mandated team. Kise is a former Florida legal professional who was part of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ transition team. Before becoming a member of Trump’s team, he worked for the regulator Foley & Lardner.

Former U.S. Attorney Renato Mariotti tweeted Tuesday that Kise’s alleged sideline in the Mar-a-Lago case demonstrates why Trump “has gone to great lengths to attract well-versed legal professionals.”

If Kise is indeed barred from the document investigation but remains on Trump’s staff, he could be assisting with the many different ongoing investigations. These include an investigation by New York legal professional Common Letitia James into the conduct of Trump and his businesses and the costs of related fraud, as well as an internal affairs investigation into Trump’s alleged positions during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots.

Why did Trump replace Chris Kise on his newest empowerment team?Expert solution

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