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Why is “Joker tattoo” Trending on TikTok? Meaning and video Explored

After the famous Medusa tattoo on TikTok, we are seeing a new obsession with clown tattoos among users. Well, there is no doubt that some users like to get tattoos on their bodies. However, this clown tattoo is gaining popularity on the app, especially when users explain what it means to everyone. So, what does a clown tattoo symbolize?

Read ahead to learn more about clown tattoos trending on TikTok.

Clown tattoos go viral on TikTok

So far, TikTok has seen several trends. Some of them have to do with tattoos that are hugely popular on the app. Well, whether it’s a Medusa tattoo or something else, users will definitely find it great.

@short_mort Reply to @.kittenvrr Episode 9: Explaining the meaning of clown tattoos #FYPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP #FYP #fyp #fypppppppppppppppppppppppppp #jokertattoo #clown #jokertattoomeaning ♬ Bathroom Dance – Hildur Guðnadóttir

But recently we got another tattoo virus on the app because we had the famous villain The Joker in the scene. It has been seen that many users have clown clown tattoos on their bodies. This definitely caught everyone’s attention because they wanted to have that tattoo too. However, most of them even try to know what that tattoo symbolizes.

What does a clown tattoo symbolize?

If you’ve been watching movies, you must have seen the role of The Joker. Because the character is a well-known villain with a clown makeup on his face and terribly evil. But there was something that made that character a bad guy.

@urprettysad dk what does this mean, search my love <3 #vent #jokertattoo #mental health issues #urprettysad ♬ World War 3 – Speed ​​Songs

Hopefully this is what the clown tattoo symbolizes. According to some users of the tattoo, it symbolizes a lack of love, abandonment and many similar emotions. One of the users even compared the tattoo to the dark side of life.

User Reactions to Joker Tattoos

Of course, after the fame of the famous Medusa tattoo that symbolizes strength and power. We have a lot of users with that tattoo. Meanwhile, something similar is happening now with Joker’s tattoos. As many users have shown interest in trying out clown tattoos.

One of the users asked if they could get the Joker tattoo if they just liked it. The answer he got was, yes, for whatever reason, he could get that tattoo. One of the users even stated that the Joker’s tattoos even represent perseverance. Additionally, the tattooed hashtag has garnered over 37 million views.

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