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Why You Should Not Be In A Rush To Leave Your Parents’ House — VJ Adams (Video)

Famous TV presenter Adams Ibrahim Adebola, commonly known as VJ Adamsshare his two cents why teenager There is no rush to leave your parents’ house.

OAP shared a video on his Instagram page that hinted at how expensive rents are in high-end areas.

VJ Adams on why rushing to leave your parents’ house is a bad idea. Image credit: @iamvjadams
Source: Instagram

Reasons to want to be ‘free’ are an excuse, argues VJ Adams capricious and out of controlHe gave the example that saving ten years of rent in his parents’ house was a better option than moving out sooner.

“If you’re 17 or 18, I don’t understand why you’re in such a hurry to leave your parents’ house, especially if your parents live somewhere nearby. ‘I need freedom’, you don’t need freedom. You just want to smoke Marijuana and drug use.

Think about it, if you are 17 and you will be 27 in 10 years, imagine saving N3M every year for 10 years instead of using it to pay rent. You could have saved N30m and got a comfortable space when you were 27 and ready to move,” He said.

VJ stated the case of those who, like him, had no choice but had to leave his parents’ house due to its proximity to his workplace.

Watch the video below…

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