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William Oscar Richter, son of Andy Richter is 21 years old

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William Oscar Richter is best known as the son of American actor and comedian Andy Richter. Celebrity children have been in the public eye from birth.

Andy’s father is a famous actor, talk show host and author. He’s been known as Conan O’Brien’s sidekick on all of his talk shows, including NBC’s The Tonight Show and Late Night and TBS’s Conan.

Andy is the voice of Ben Higgenbottom on the famous Nickelodeon animated show The Mighty B! and Mott from the Madagascar film series. Richter has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

In April 2002, he starred in the family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, written by Linwood Boomer and aired on Fox. In “The Cut”, Andy plays a doctor who treats Rees, Dewey and Malcolm.

Andy was married to actress Sarah Thiel from 1994 to 2019. They have two children, a son named Andy and a daughter named Josephine Richter. Let’s learn more about the actor’s youngest son.

Andy Richter
Andy Richter

Andy Richter’s son William Oscar Richter

Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre’s son is called William Oscar Richter. Both his parents worked in the entertainment industry, and they were both for a long time.

His parents tied the knot in 1994 and now have two children. His mother Sarah is also a well-known American comedian and writer. Thyre is best known for playing Coach Cherri Wolf on the hit TV show Strangers with Candy.

Andy is also a regular on the comedy show Candy Stranger. In 1998, the former couple starred as Hans and Greta in an episode of the Comedy Central show “Comedy Central Presents.”

In April 2019, the actor stated that he and Sarah were no longer together and that they had begun divorce proceedings. After 25 years of marriage, the two split. But they did not discuss the reasons for the breakup.

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William Oskar Richter era

Andy Richter’s son, William Oscar Richter, was born in 2001 and is 21 years old. The actor’s son is now an adult and concentrates on his homework.

On June 11, 2019, Andy posted a family photo at William’s graduation. “Very proud of my graduate,” he tweeted. The actor and his children are often seen at various events and parties.

On November 21, 2013, William and his father traveled to Milk Studios in Hollywood, California to celebrate the launch of the Xbox One. The father and son also premiered Monsters vs. Aliens at the Gibson Amphitheatre on the Universal City Walk in Los Angeles.

Andy was born on October 28, 1966, so he is now 55 years old. His parents have four children, all of whom were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his three siblings grew up in Yorkville, Illinois.

William’s mother, Sarah Thyre, was born on July 9, 1968, and is 54 years old. She grew up in Louisiana and Kansas City. She also wrote a book about her childhood called The Darkness of the Roots. It is published by Counterpoint LLC.

Brothers and Sisters of William Oscar Richter – Sisters Josephine of Mercy

William Oscar Richter was not the only child of his parents. His sister Mercy Josephine Richter is also Richter.

Mercy is the smallest family member. Born in 2007, 15 years old this year. It is often shown that both children spend time with their parents. It’s easy to find pictures of them loving each other on the internet.

Both sets of parents had other children. Andy and his three siblings were born in Yorkville, Illinois, the son of Russian teacher Lawrence R. Richter and kitchen cabinet designer Glenda Swanson.

Mercy is the second of five children in a Roman Catholic family. She is William’s mother. After her parents divorced, she and her siblings moved in with their mother, where they faced many money problems. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University.

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Meet the loving family of William Oscar Richter

Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre are the parents of William Oscar Richter. His sister Mercy Josephine Richter is also a member of his family.

His parents married in 1994 and separated in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. Andy and Sarah are both well-known American entertainers. Willian and Messi have been in the limelight because they are famous kids.

Andy agrees with the significance of family planning. He is a very active member of Signa Phi Epsilon. After leaving late at night with Conan O’Brien, the actor moved to Los Angeles, California.

Victor Swanson is a teacher at Glenbard East High School. He is the half-brother of his mother’s second marriage. In 2018, he ran as a Democrat in the 14th District of Illinois.

Andy has starred in many TV shows and movies, including Big Trouble, Aliens in the Attic, Seeing Someone Else, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Horror Movie 2, Pootie Tang, Blades of Glory and Cabin Boy.

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How old is William Oscar Richter?

William is twenty-one years old. He was born in 2001.

Did William Oscar Richter have siblings?

Richter grew up with his sister, Mercy Josephine Richter.

Who was William Oscar Richter’s mother?

William’s mother, Sarah Thyre, was an American actress and writer.

                Andy Richter                Andy Richter
Andy Richter

earlier years

Richter was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the second of four children. His mother, Glenda Swanson (née Palmer) designed kitchen cabinets, and his father, Laurence R. Richter, taught Russian at Indiana University for over 32 years. Richter grew up in Yorkville, Illinois. In 1984, he graduated from Yorkville High School and was named King of the Prom. When he was 4 years old, his parents separated and his father later became gay.


Andy Richter served as “Pope” for the 2015 New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, “Cubacs’ Interstellar Crewe.”

Richter studied film at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Columbia College in Chicago in the late 1980s. While at Columbia, he starred and contributed to many student films and videos, which helped him learn the basics of comedy acting and writing. After leaving Columbia in 1988, Richter worked as a production assistant on a commercial set in Chicago. In 1989, he began taking classes at the impromptu Olympic Games in Chicago. In just one year, he went from student to “House Performer”. Richter has worked with Comedy Underground and Troubled Theater, which gave him more opportunities. Richter writes for the short-lived TV show about Jonathan Brandmeier.

The theater was a hit in the early 1990s when producer Joey Soloway staged a live, verbatim rendition of the 1970s sitcom The Real Live Brady Bunch. The show was so popular that he received national attention and moved to New York City. Richter wasn’t one of the original cast members, but the actor who played “Mike Brady” in the Chicago cast decided not to go to New York. Richter asked Soloway if he could play “Mike” in New York, and Soloway said yes, since he hadn’t yet found a replacement. [needs citation]

The Late Late Show with Conan O’Brien

Beth Cahill and Melanie Hutsell, who played Marcia and Jan Brady in “The Real Live Brady Bunch,” were hired to perform on Saturday Night Live while The Real Live was playing Brady Bunch in New York. Richter joined SNL friends for an after-show party. There, he met SNL writer Robert Smiguel. Two years later, Smigel hired Richter to write a new show he was working on, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” During rehearsals, Smiguel Perichter took to the stage with Conan O’Brien as the production crew tested lighting angles and sound. He does it because he sees them getting along so well. He became O’Brien’s partner a few weeks before his 1993 debut.

After the show, Richter left late at night on May 26, 2000. He later said of the choice: “I’m tired of being on this show after seven years. I think if you’re lucky enough, you shouldn’t just sit down and say, ‘It’s okay, that’s enough for me’, but you should try Get more. You should see how far your luck can take you. I’m interested.”

when morning comes

Richter quit late at night in 2000 to try to become a film and television actor. Andy Richter Controls the Universe, which aired twice during the Fox season, was his first major project. His next Fox sitcom, Quintuplets, aired for a season. Conan O’Brien helped write and produce his TV show Andy Barker PI, which aired in 2007. Richter plays an accountant who can’t get clients on the show. A woman who came to his office believing he was a former tenant, a private investigator, told him to find her husband, who she believed faked his own death. Buck decided to take the assignment seriously and became a private investigator. He continued to do his accounting, which seemed to get better as the show went on. The show aired on NBC, and all six episodes of the first season were posted to NBC.com. Although Entertainment Weekly listed it as one of the top ten shows of 2007, the show was canceled because it did not perform well with audiences.

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