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Woman refusing to give her sister’s boyfriend’s password to keep valuables safe

A woman has received online support after revealing she refused to give her sister’s colleague a password when she asked for “style” when she was out of town.

When the 22-year-old student posted under the username u/throwRAsafe34566, Reddit customers began to wonder what happened while her sister Natalie was away. She shared the state of affairs on the Am I the A**gap (AITA) subreddit, where a personal search can help resolve thorny dilemmas.

The girl shared that she had a deep bond with her sister, which meant she was entrusted with her sister’s protection stuffed with useful jewellery and antique codes. Many of the gadgets were handed down from her grandmother, so Natalie is happy to keep using the code if her sister wants to, but only if she realizes it first.

Having siblings has been reported to be useful for relationships and their longevity. A normal social survey, based largely on information collected between 1972 and 2012, found a 2 percent lower chance of divorce per sibling. Presumably, this is likely due to being good at getting along with others, which makes marriages easier to take care of.

manpower safety
This file image shows a hand reaching into a protected area. A Redditor has taken support for failing to give the password to her protected sister’s boyfriend while she was out of town.
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Still, for these siblings, having a colleague seems to spark potential problems and problems. Two days after the poster’s sister went on a ladies tour, her boyfriend started asking for details about the vault.

“Then he asked me to give him the protected password. I was surprised. I asked why and he said he was always interested in what was inside and wanted a ‘quick glance’. I said I didn’t, but he directed me Stop lying because he heard Natalie say I can open something protected anytime I told him it’s still not my property and I gave him the password to not share,” she wrote in the post.

“He was furious and reminded me of who he was to Natalie and I used to be just a visitor to her house.”

The boyfriend bought “further angrier” after the girl instructed to be ready to have Natalie back again and said she had previously refused to let him into the protected area.

“I shrugged and said it wasn’t my fault. We accepted an argument and I tried to name Natalie but her phone was off for hours,” she wrote.

“He yelled at me that I was disrespectful in the past [him] Ran out at his private home,” she said. “I’m home alone now because he yelled at me and I was completely devastated. “

Reddit clients overwhelmingly sided with the Redditor, calling her “not an asshole” — but they felt odd about her siblings’ colleagues.

“Notify your sister right away,” warned one consumer, whose review garnered more than 22,000 votes. “He tried again behind her, the pressure he put on you, he scared you.

“It’s totally inappropriate for a 36-year-old man to try to bully his co-worker’s younger sister while he’s home alone – let alone enter a protected thing with valuables that his co-workers don’t trust him.”

Another Reddit consumer agreed, commenting: “No one wants to simply peek inside a protected interior. Report this to your sister as he might also be trying to social engineer access. You might do appropriate factors. If anything happens, please notify her to change her password immediately.”

“Obviously there’s a reason Natalie has refused to tell him what’s protected, and you’re still that bastard walking behind her again for him to see. It feels like a really awkward situation, but you don’t turn on It’s doing the right thing. You probably also need to inform Natalie of this unusual encounter, even if she reappears,” another consumer wrote.

Information week Contact u/throwRAsafe34566 to comment. Right now we can’t confirm the fine print of the case.

If you have the same family difficulties, please let us know at [email protected]. We’ll ask experts for recommendations, and chances are your story will appear in Newsweek.

Woman refuses to give password to sister’s boyfriend to protect valuables

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