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Woman urged to look for tracking devices after husband plans to spy on daughter

The internet has prompted a girl to search for a surveillance unit after her husband intended to put it in his daughter’s car.

Posted on Reddit’s controversial r/AmITeA**gap discussion board, a girl using the anonymous username u/Throwaway3490771 shared her story to get advice from the “AITA” community. The viral post has over 8,000 votes and 1,000 feedback.

The unique poster (OP) begins her story by explaining that her husband and his daughter “Christine” did not get on well from an earlier marriage. The OP described her husband as being “extremely overprotective” of Kristen, and had done with it before that ruined their relationship. She explained that after Christine was determined to have “some sense of happiness,” her husband enticed Christine to interrupt him with her boyfriend.

Still, he’s trying to make up the bond by trying to please his daughter by buying her a car for her 18th birthday. His purpose was to make her trust him again.

Woman asked to find tracking device
Above is a man driving a car with a phone in sight. Posted on the r/AmITEA**gap discussion board on Reddit, a girl was urged to search for a surveillance unit after her husband tried to install one in his daughter’s new car.
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She explained how the fight happened: “Two days ago, I overheard him and a good friend talking about putting a surveillance system in a new car. I was shocked. I talked to him later that night, and tell him how wrong it was.” He mentioned that it was not [my] business, but I advise him if and when [Christine] Find out, there will be trouble.He was upset and went on to say he did it only out of concern and safety [for] She said it was none of my business because I didn’t buy a car. “

“I called him unreasonable and mentioned that if he didn’t come down again, I would inform her at the social gathering, when [he] Provides her with something important. He was shocked by this, he called me crazy and mentioned that I shouldn’t be snooping around and listening to his private conversations. I mentioned that I would notify her, but he advised me not to get involved because his daughter is not mine and I am free to have my own if I need a way to protect me. It hurts me because he knows I can’t have children because of infertility,” she continued.

As they continued to argue, she told him she would still tell Kristin about his plans, and he called her “confused” and suggested she had nothing to say about the matter. Consulted with her mum, who agreed it was “none of her business” as it only sparked drama.

Information week Contact u/Throwaway3490771 for comment.

Information week Multiple articles have been published about marital struggles, and a girl who overheard her husband and mother-in-law persuaded him to leave after taking a vacation, a “naive” man criticized for pretending to be hurt, and his accomplices keeping her at her brother’s wedding And a mum cheered for refusing to babysit her stepchildren so her husband’s ex could attend the wedding.

Learn how to identify surveillance systems in your car

When you assume someone is monitoring your car without permission, lifewire.com offers tips on where to search for possible monitoring systems:

  • Browse the exterior of the car: Using a flashlight and mirror, inspect the area where the wheels are, also known as the wheel well, and under the car. Usually, the monitoring unit is arranged in an easily accessible area.
  • Search inside the car: Begin by verifying the info port that contains all the details about your car. Most surveillance units are small, dirty and difficult to identify.
  • buy insect detectors: Error detectors may help discover monitoring systems. However, the software doesn’t work because some trackers only work when the car is moving.
  • Get help from an expert: When you can’t find a tracker but are still suspicious, someone familiar with car electronics, car audio, and alarm programs may be able to help you.

Redditor’s reaction

Urging the OP, U/Britsgirl30 tops with over 19,000 votes: “[Not the a**hole] Check your car and devices for trackers/spyware! If he secretly does this to her, he can/probably do the same to you. It’s very creepy, hurtful, and more importantly, his “shut up” reaction. do not go. Run. It’s best to leave before you notify your stepdaughter (don’t do this at a social gathering), and make sure she knows you’re there for her. Did he really introduce your sterility point to win this “argument”? ! run! ! ! “

“[Not the a**hole]. Have you checked your car’s monitoring unit? If he’s going to do it to his daughter, he’s going to do it to you. Also, please verify that your phone does not have apps that you do not recognize,” u/sysadrift wrote.

“If he’s going to override a surveillance system and prove it’s ‘safe for his daughter*’…what surveillance unit and/or recording unit does he have with you? Draw tough lines. He knowingly violates his private daughter’s privacy ( in a very illegal way) and try to de-escalate the situation and make you look like a dangerous person because he found out about his horrible deeds/crimes. I will reconsider my marriage to someone like this and check me out as well own property to confirm that he did not monitor or record my wishes without my information,” u/Primary-Elderberry-744 defines.

“[Not the a**hole] Your husband’s methods are worse than assholes. You must inform your stepdaughter. But you also have to rethink your marriage, which is scary. His answer to you asking him about it has a lot of pink flags, mind you,” warns u/Difficult-Flamingo-7491.

Girl urged to find surveillance unit after husband plans to spy on daughter

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