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Woman who fears living with teenage stepchildren cheered: ‘No alone time’

A mum turned to Mumsnet for help after her 18-month-old companion asked her to move with him and his three children. She explained that she already had two children, aged 8 and 10, and described his family as “a mess”. She wrote that although he had been asking her out for months, he was “understandably involved in the price of living with him these days.”

“The thought scares me,” she wrote, describing how she lived “harmoniously” with her two children, while “his home always felt so cluttered, there was nothing unhealthy, just ordinary Teenage stuff, room is an absolute disgrace, consumes all it consumes, always screams ‘this place is my charger, who took my straightener, daddy, you say DS/DB, he Did this or that, I wanted cash, I wanted an elevator’ toilets always full of clothes on the ground, young people in pajamas all day.”

Describing them as “caring young people,” she explained, “This 17-year-old boy is autistic and has significant difficulties (mainly personal hygiene, overeating, dysfunction, being at home 24/7) No friends to talk to), fixed requests to play/draw/watch TV with him), but he’s a kind, relaxed soul.”

Explaining that she works from home, she describes a scene, “4 extra washes, fixed noise, no expected meals, all the mess, no alone time. (I work from home to make money, so when my DC is in class, I thrive when I remain silent).”

quarreling couple
Quarrel couple. Image from a photography company. A girl has turned to Mumsnet for advice after raising concerns about mixing her family with her boyfriend’s teen.
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After reportedly describing himself as “in tears” at the prospect of merging their family, the dad said: “Dawn, this is the second time you’ve been upset by the prospect of us living together and the only reason you’re not is Do.” There’s no need to stay with my kids, and if that’s the case, it’s actually a disappointment, I can’t see the future. It breaks my heart to consider giving up on him. This sucks, I know we’ll have floor guidelines and so on, but if it doesn’t work, the threat and the loss is great. I don’t know what the hell I’m asking, it’s like I’m caught between a rock and a tough place. “

Person Fraaahnces challenged this unique poster: “Listen to your crimson flag screaming. It’s not going to bring happiness – especially since the reason he switched in was monetary.

Psychotherapist Karen Holmes says on her website Brighterday.com that when bringing families together, it’s crucial to put your relationship first. “Some shoppers may find this tip a bit surprising,” she wrote, “but don’t forget that your companions are best for calming you down and engaging with you. This can then trickle down to young people, leading to reactions throughout the family. much smaller.

“For us, it’s not a toddler’s job, so the couple is wise to play ‘king and queen’ and provide a strong, united entry into the family, not a choice: a bickering, Unstable family..“

Kangaroo Kenny wrote: “No, no, no. Keep in separate house and date. If he threatens to finish it because he doesn’t have the money, then you’re doomed.”

Guy RudsyFarmer mentions “don’t do it”.

Man Mojoj commented: “No, not at all. If he’s leaving because you don’t need to completely change your life, then he’s not the right person.”

Newsweek was unable to confirm the gist of the case.

Have you ever seen any crimson flags that make you need to end a relationship? Tell us at [email protected]. We’ll ask advisors for recommendations, and your story is likely to be featured in Newsweek.

Girl terrified of living with teenage stepchildren cheers: ‘No alone time’

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