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Wynonna Judd is “angry” at Naomi Judd’s death by suicide

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Winona Judd is ‘angry’ over Naomi Judd’s suicide

Wynonna Judd admits she is “extremely angry” at the suicide of her late mother Naomi Judd.

Wynonna in first interview since Naomi’s April suicide at 76 CBS said Sunday morning She still grieves the loss of her mother, a country music star.

“I got a call, walked over, saw her, and said goodbye to her at the hospital,” recalls journalist Lee Cowan, 58, who admitted she had a “bad” decision about her mother.

“I closed her eyes and kissed her forehead and that was it. Then I knew I was sitting on the side porch just trying to figure out what to do next.

Wynonna continued: “I don’t know where she was when she finished because she had a seizure and recovered. That’s where I live, ‘Is there anything I should have been looking for or should know?’ “I didn’t do that.”

Wynonna Judd says she's still "very angry" On her posthumous mother Naomi Judd.
Wynonna Judd admits in a new interview that she was “very angry” following the death of her mother Naomi Judd.
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When asked if the anger would go away, Wynonna replied to Cwan: “No, I don’t think so, not for now.”

Wynonna noticed that months after she was found unanswered on April 30, she still felt her mother’s presence.

“I felt like he was poking at me. Sometimes I would laugh. Sometimes I would say, ‘I really miss you. Why don’t you come and we can argue? “” said Winona.

She once told me that she took my hand and said, “My life is better because of you.” These memories come up more and more frequently. I think when you lose your mother a lot of things go away because it doesn’t matter anymore. Just don’t.

Wynonna will soon be on tour to revive The Judds. The musical mother-daughter duo has sold more than 20 million albums, has 14 #1 singles, and won five Grammys.

“When I came on stage the first night, I probably said, ‘It shouldn’t be like this,’ because it wasn’t like that, right? We were supposed to be the two of us. I’d be mad because she wasn’t there, Wynonna said.

The Judds are going on tour.

The country legend also revealed that she and sister Ashley Judd have put aside their differences after losing their mother.

“We all looked at each other,” got it, “right? We looked at ourselves and said, “Yeah. “We are so united now and I think we are more united than ever.

Naomi’s autopsy report from the Nashville Medical Examiner’s Office said she had “apparently self-inflicted gunshot wounds” and was pronounced dead “soon upon arrival” at a local hospital.

A toxicology report revealed that the musician had several different drugs in his system at the time of his death, including those for insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, depression and seizures.

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