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Youngkin says schools have no choice when it comes to regulating trans students amid threats of strikes

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin said public colleges should adapt to fresh coverage of transgender college students’ rights, regardless of opposition, and deliberate protest strikes.

College students across Virginia intend to leave classrooms on Tuesday in response to a proposed state report that could limit the restrooms that transgender college students can access and staff who will participate in sports. The strike comes nearly a year after Youngkin said he protected parental rights, riding a wave of traditional warfare against teachers to be elected Virginia’s first Republican governor in a decade.

“The voice of coeducation is clear: we do not want @glenyankin Politicize our training and use our communities as political pawns. ” in a tweet, a student-run LGBTQ advocacy group based primarily in Virginia, expects nearly 100 teachers to strike. “College students know we can build positive colleges where everyone thrives.”

The strike focuses on draft recommendations on the treatment of transgender college students released this month by the state Department of Training. The rules say they are trying to replace an earlier model that “promoted a particular perspective aimed at bringing about cultural and social change in the department,” in addition to allegedly flouting parental rights.

Glen Yankin
Virginia’s then-Republican gubernatorial candidate Glen​​​​​​​​​​After being called a campaign in his favor at an information station in Chantilly, Virginia, November 2, 2021 Proved by prayer. College students protest Governor Yangkin’s coverage of transgender college students.
Anna Cashew/Getty Images

The proposed update limits transgender college students’ skills in using toilets that match their gender identities and allows colleges to segregate groups of physical activity based primarily on “organic intercourse.” In addition, the latest tips point out that teachers can’t use their students’ most popular pronouns, delaying moms and dads from transitioning their children to a completely different gender.

However, Satisfaction Liberation criticized the rules, saying they instruct teachers to “keep out” college students, while parents can deny them access to counselling. The group also said the rules prohibit the use of gender-neutral pronouns, while allowing college students to be misnamed or deadheaded (addressing transgender people by their delivery status after they’ve changed their identity).

“If these insurance policies had been enforced, I would have been forcibly sold to my parents,” Ranger Balleisen, a senior at McLean Transition College, told CBS-affiliated WUSA. Balleisen added: “This could be a deliberate ploy to harm trans college students. I want to go to my math class. I don’t want to fight for my rights.”

Youngkin dismissed the criticisms in an interview with ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., saying the rules include dads and moms and are designed to deal with harassment and bullying.

“There is no doubt that mothers and fathers should be at the heart of the conversation with their children, who have identified them before they are born,” he advised the broadcaster. “And I believe it’s the perfect pursuit of the child and the perfect pursuit of the family. And I believe that people will have a higher understanding of this after they study the reports.”

Prompt drafts may be implemented the following month after the 30-day public comment interval.Now, a handful of counties, including Arlington and Alexander port In the north, parts of the state are pushing politics again.

However, Youngkin suggested that the WJLA, when state prompts are allowed, may require each parish to develop toward them.

“So the college distinction has no choice,” he said.

Information week Yang Jin, please comment.

Youngkin says teachers have no choice in policing trans college students under threat of strike

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